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Kaktus reportagebyrå consists of me, Marie Lundström. I’m a freelance journalist who take assignments work in journalism, information and web.

I live and work in Karlstad in the western part of Sweden. Karlstad is close to Norway so I can work there as well as in all of Sweden.

I specialise in topics such as: working life, stress, society, literature, issues of immigration, global issues and health.

I´ve got a bachelors degree in development studies at Göteborg University, followed up by one year of studies in journalism at JMG, Göteborg University.

I’ve been working as a journalist for almost five years now. I´ve been a reporter at the local newspapers Nya Wermlands-Tidningen and Värmlands Folkblad. For two years I was a web journalist at the information department at Karlstad municipality where I produced texts for the two web sites and was the editor for the staff magazine.

I like to vary long, vivid stories with short informative texts and summaries.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me!



+46 702 300 660

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